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Last updated: 30/12/02 12:40


Issue 11

I bet you lot are still waiting for Ipswich to fall aren't you? Ha! Not a bit of it!! Where are we now? 3rd!! We've overtaken Houllier's lot, now the Wengerboys are next on Burley's hitlist! After that it's Fergie!
I'll come back to my beloved Town later - but what's all this about Rio Ferdinand? 18 million??? Have you seen him in action this season? Everyone knows that West Ham's best defender is Stuart Pearce, even if he is 57 years old! Rio keeps on making a fool of himself and has to rely on old Psycho to bail him out! Even David O'Leary said he ain't worth that kind of dosh - but what does he care, not his money is it? Redknapp must be laughing all the way to the bank.
So Middlesbrough have said no to Venables, eh? Presumably they want to go down then? If you ask me, and no one usually does, but it doesn't stop me, Robbo's doing a fine job. Keep it up mate! My advice to their chairman is get the chequebook out & spend another 5-6 million on a foreign striker, who will be less effective than a chocolate fireguard, complain about the weather and bugger off home. I'm surprised Alen Boksic is still in the country, I think he injures himself on purpose!
Right, I've put it off as long as possible but can I just say two words....Titus Bramble!
How long can England afford to ignore young Mr Bramble? The man is quality, even Thierry Henry said, "He's the next Marcel Desailly" - no thanks mate, nowadays he falls on his butt more times than a British ice-skater. Bramble can tackle like Moore & dribble like Best, has the composure of Gullit & the shooting skills of Greaves and we Ipswich fans don't exaggerate...much.
I've got an apology to make anyway, yes it's not often I do it! I said a few months back that Villa were a big club waiting to go down. After seeing them in the Premiership this season, I'd just like to say sorry to all Villa fans - for no reason in particular, I'm just sorry you support them, ha ha.

Got anything to say? Come on, I'll take you all on!     

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