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If you like playing football games (we love 'em!), this is the place for you, where you'll have lots of fun trying out our variety of interactive soccer games, ranging from football management to prediction leagues and soccer quizzes. And you're definitely in for a real treat if you get a buzz out of fantasy football, as this is something we specialise in.

So, if you reckon yourself as the next Alex Ferguson, why not try out our two play-by-mail fantasy football games, Euro Premier League and Apex PBM Soccer or, if you prefer, have a go at predicting the latest Premiership games and enter the Football Forecast league. If you're into trivia, try your hand at the fun-packed Footballtrivia game. But, a word of warning, whether you're into fantasy football, Play-By-Mail (PBM), soccer predictions or football quizzes, all these exciting games are highly addictive!! More games are planned soon, so watch this space!

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