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Last updated: 23/11/02 14:02


Personal Information: Mad keen South Park and football fan

Managerial History: Hello! My name is Ron, and I have the pleasure of managing two teams in Apex, both of whom have very little chance of actually winning anything. Firstly, there's Anderlecht in EP19 - the unfortunate thing about them is that they are Belgian, and Belgians have never achieved anything ever, apart from making expensive chocolates. Last season I escaped relegation by beating Manchester Utd in game 45, and this season I beat them again - hurrah, although I finished in a much higher position, 7th. Next year, we've employed Tim-may from South Park as our mascot, so I'm hoping to do a lot better.
Feyenoord have got bigger problems! We're way behind our famous rivals Ajax, who have just won the league. I'm likely to finish around midtable, and I'll settle for that for now. But I'm unlikely to challenge the big guns, as they're much better equipped, have bigger stadiums and better haircuts than myself, probably. Next year, we've employed my mum as a mascot, coz she's hard.