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Last updated: 23/11/02 14:02


Personal Information: Successful manager with both Apex PBM and Euro Premier Leagues.

Managerial History: My name is Richard French and I manage A.C.Milan in EP16.
I have had great success in the two seasons that I have completed with A.C.Milan.
I've had excellent prolonged cup runs and was unfortunate not to win a cup in either season.
I did however win both League titles and with the new season recently started I am currently looking for the three league titles in a row which would be an amazing achievement in only three seasons of participation.
A.C.Milan are also currently in the last sixteen of the Euro Champions League
I Would love to see more managers taking up the challenge in these Euro Premier Leagues which can be just as exciting as the original! 
AC Milan have also just won the KO Cup last season.