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Okay, so maybe you've played fantasy football, dream leagues and other play-by-mail games....but if you've never tried our world-class games, you're certainly missing out! Just take a look at what some of our members have to say about our game and our company . . .
"I enjoy your game thoroughly and get excitement when my results package drops through my letterbox. I will always recommend your game to anyone looking for a good football management game. Congratulations on being the best PBM game ever established!"

(E. Gurney, Loughborough, Leics.).

"I have to say that I am involved in 3 PBM games, but this has to be the best. Your attention to each query is brilliant! Well done - keep up the good work - you deserve a pay rise! 

(V. Curry, Co. Antrim,  N.Ireland).

"I can't wait for the season to start. I have read your booklet and I must say it sounds the best soccer management game ever - better than the Fantasy League or newspaper leagues! It's just like being a real soccer manager!" 

(M. Hill, Dartford, Kent).

"I received a trophy for winning promotion, which is absolutely brilliant, much bigger than I was expecting. This has only made me hungrier for more success and the improvements this season have made the game even better!" 

(M. Hope, Bradford, West Yorks.).

"Apex PBM is first class! Thank you for the pleasure!" 

(B. Kilbride, East Kilbride, Scotland).

"Superb! Wish I had joined years ago!" 

(G. Tawse, Aberdeen, Scotland).

See what we mean? We get compliments like this all the time! That's why over 100,000 football fans worldwide have sampled our game over the last 13 years! But don't take our word for it....send off for the comprehensive starter packs today, free of charge, and discover the wonderful world of Apex PBM for yourself!

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