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Last updated: 23/11/02 14:02


Personal Information: E-mail Sean at seanstar100@hotmail.com

Managerial History: My name is Sean Kelly, I'm 24 and I own Llandaff AFC. I'm presently in Div 1 of P3, and struggling!! My team consists of all fighters, a Leicester City you could say. I probably won't win the Div 1 title with this team, thus a rebuilding is near. 
The honours which I have in P3 are Div 3 winners, Div 2 R/U, and a 4th in Div 1 last season. I have also won the league cup. I have been manager of the under 23s for the past couple of seasons, and now the ultimate achievement while I've been in P3 is being voted as the new international manager. 
Hopefully I will take them a far way! Well if any international managers out there would like a friendly, e-mail me. Cheers and play good footy!!!