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Last updated: 23/11/02 14:02


Personal Information: I'm 28 and live in Plymouth. Originally from Grimsby but I have also lived in Doncaster, London and Portsmouth before finally settling in Plymouth (hopefully).

Managerial History:  I started Apex in the first season back in 1987 with a team called Dunscroft Rovers in P7 Div 2. They just missed out on the play-offs in the first season finishing 9th which turned out to be a good thing as they strolled to the league title in the next season and then onto the double the following season. Looking for a fresh challenge we moved leagues and ended up in P5 and changed the team name to AFC Primetime. The success continued as we won the Div 1 title in the first year. At this time I also took over the reigns of a friend's side called Alka Seltzers in P3 who were mid-table in Div 1. The next season I took them to the double (not many sides have achieved this since). the following season due to work and personal reasons I had to give up Apex, but on a number of occasions I have returned with IFK Lichfield and Lichfield Colts. Again I had to give up managing these teams but now gladly I'm back for good. Currently I manage 3 teams (Matelots FC P29, AFC Primetime P3 and Dunscroft Rovers). Matelots and Primetime have been going for 3 seasons now and have been quite successful. Both teams started in P19 with Matelots losing in the Div 2 play-offs in the first season and Primetime finishing 2nd in Div 3. The following season both teams were unstoppable, Matelots won Div 2 by 15 points and Primetime were runners up 12 points clear of 3rd. Matelots also made it to the semi's of the Knockout Cup losing to eventual winners of the treble and Champions League Chatham Town. Matelots in their 3rd season finished 4th in Div 1 while Primetime moved to P5 Div 1 and finished 8th. Matelots are now in P29 and Primetime have moved again to P3 Div 2 (one of the hardest leagues in Apex). Only time will tell if I can continue the success. I enjoy the game so much I have now just started a 3rd team Dunscroft Rovers in P5 Div 3. I recommend to any football fan to try it out and see just how good it is.

PS. you can follow both Matelots and Primetime fortunes on their website: