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Last updated: 23/11/02 14:02


Personal Information: Avid Hibernian fan from Carnwath, Lanarckshire

Managerial History: Began Apex in 1993 with Aberhibs P56, an almagamation of Aberdeen and Hibs. I was promoted after 3 years then demoted from 13th spot to 2nd Div due to the leagues reconstruction. Came back to win Div 2 then "done a Leeds" by following up as Div 1 winners. This was ok because I suffered a different fate of another hard managed and eventually successful side with EP15's Blackburn. 
Apex have travelled with me through some good and some hard times and has always been there as a faithful companion and hobby. I also produce the fanzine 4-2-4 for P56 (It's superb, by the way - Aaron GM) which takes a bit of time and effort. I love playing Apex and life wouldn't be the same without it.

Teams: Aberhibs P56, AC Milan EP40, Bayern Munich EP42, Carnwath Hibernian P16 and Hibernian EP4. Previously: Blackburn EP15, Dortmund EP25 and FC Porto EP25.

My successes with Apex so far: Div 1 winners 10 times, Div 1 R/U twice, Div 2 winners once, Div 2 R/U twice, KO Cup winners 7 times, KO Cup R/U twice, League Cup winners 7 times, League Cup R/U once