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Last updated: 23/11/02 14:02


Personal Information: I am 15 years old and live in a town called Alsager (it's not big, but big enough). When I am not managing a team, I am at school or playing football for three different teams. I play for a Sunday League team called Kidsgrove Town and we are on our way to winning the league and are in the final of the League Cup. I also play for my school, where we have just done a league and cup double and the other team I play for is the South Cheshire District team and we have just won the North Staffs Schools F.A League. I'm a bit of a utility player, but I always start every game. For Kidsgrove I play defensive midfield, for the school I play as a forward and for South Cheshire I play as a winger. My best position is defensive midfield.

Managerial History: I manage two teams in Premier 34, one is called Rock Vipers in Division One, who I have managed for four years and my other team is Psycho Killer Chickens in Division Three, who I have managed for a year. I also used to have a team in Premier 59 five years ago called C.C.F Stars.
I think that Apex could improve by having a promotion and relegation system between different leagues, e.g. if you win Division One of Premier 4 then you go into Division Three of Premier 3. There should also be an international transfer market so that players are not stuck in one league.
I think the fictional leagues are better, even though I have not had a Euro Premier team, because you can have fun making up the names.